The strike zone in baseball is all about perspective. It changes with every batter who steps up to the plate. Ultimately, the umpire’s perspective determines the zone, but the pitcher’s aim determines whether he earns a strike or ball. The more strikes a pitcher throws, the better chance he has of winning the game.

In my world, I am the pitcher, however, the umpire consists of God, my peers and my own self-expectations. I am always aiming for strikes, but seem to fall short sometimes. And that’s okay, life isn’t perfect, but I owe it to myself and others to always try to improve my aim.

My name is Mackenzie, I am 21 years old and am passionate about writing. Over the past year, I have gained an appreciation for baseball. My boyfriend is currently playing for the Trenton Thunder, a Yankees minor league affiliate team, and through dating him, baseball has quickly infiltrated my life. I created this blog not only to document our lives through his career, but to also write about my passions, goals and views.