milb girlfriend

Hey, everyone! I apologize for not posting anything last week. I was visiting my boyfriend and didn’t have wifi where I was staying, so I couldn’t publish any of what I had written. However, as promised, I have a little insight to share with you all about the lifestyle that comes with being a minor league baseball player/girlfriend. I get so many questions, so I hope y’all find this post helpful!!

When I tell someone that my boyfriend plays in the Milb, they almost always assume that he’s playing for the major league team. The world of minor league baseball is unknown to many, especially if you don’t keep up with the sport. Honestly, I had no idea how the farm system worked until Chance explained it to me. To break it down, a player is usually drafted right out of high school or after junior year of college. Why junior year? No idea. But, they are picked up by a professional team and the earlier they are drafted, the more of a signing bonus they receive. Some signing bonuses can be in the millions, while others are squat.The significance of a signing bonus is important because players have to live off of it when A) their less than minimum wage salary barely pays the bills and B) they aren’t being paid during the off season. Based on their performances before the draft and during the pre-assignment assessments, they’re placed on a team farm league team. There are Rookie, Short Season A, Low A, High A, Double A and Triple A, AAA being the highest team, right before the Majors.

In June 2015, Chance was drafted in the fifth round and placed in Short Season A. We were absolutely thrilled. He was located in Staten Island, NY and had the prettiest stadium with a view of Manhattan off in the distance. I still had no idea what was going on in the minor league world, but I knew Chance was killing it on the mound so I was excited for him. He lived in a hotel with a roommate and they were ALWAYS on the road. The road trips the team took were usually longer than three hours and he never had the privilege of having his own space. After four games in Staten Island, Chance was moved up a level to Charleston (low A). Things in low A were a little better because he was able to live in a two bedroom house shared amongst five guys. Charleston is where I first got to visit Chance on this journey. Sitting in crowded stands all alone can sometimes make me feel pitiful, but it’s all worth it when I get to see him step onto the mound. My heart fills with pride and joy every time because I get to see the person I love most in this world do what he loves.

My first time to see Chance pitch professionally! We had only been dating for two months.

After a few games, he was moved up to Tampa (high A) and was able to spend his last month of the season there. Within three months, Chance had moved up two teams and we felt beyond blessed. So many men are drafted and move up one team a year and for Chance to have moved up so quickly is definitely something we credit to God. He knows that we have plans of our own, but He directs our steps, so it’s wonderful to see our plan align with His.


Then, the guys report back to Tampa for Spring Training any time from late January to early March, depending on their circumstances. ST lasts roughly a month and then they are reassigned to a team where they will start out the season.

Enjoying our first game to watch together during the Yankees’ spring training.

Chance was placed on the Tampa Yankees, where he had left off last season. This go around, he was able to have his own room and a blow up mattress that deflated within the first two months of having it. Currently, he is sleeping on a four inch foam pad that he claims is better than a real mattress #doubtit. The apartment he was staying at in Tampa was a two bedroom and at one point, 6 people lived there. The guys are moved up (or down) so unexpectedly and sometimes more than once a season, therefore they really have to live minimally. Chance has a few shirts, shorts, and shoes that he wears during the season and I feel like he’s always sending excess things home. Since the guys have most meals provided for them at the field, he doesn’t have any dishes, cups or silverware that aren’t plastic. Talk about a glamorous life.


MiLB: MAY 07 Clearwater Threshers at Tampa Yankees


Fortunately, Chance wasn’t in Tampa for too long. He was moved up to the Yankee’s AA team, the Trenton Thunder, this past June. I love visiting Chance in Trenton because it is so different from where we’re both from. He being from Arizona and myself from Texas makes the North a whole new world to us. Everything about the northeast coast is so intriguing to me; from the way the towns are laid out to the historic buildings, the hustle and bustle of the people’s lives, and lastly the delicious Italian food that you just can’t find in Texas. I have a blast traveling around the country with Chance and getting to make memories together in places we’ve never been.




If there’s one thing baseball has taught me, it’s that you have to put your expectations on hold and let the game play itself out. Chance and I never know what tomorrow will bring. We always pray and thank God for every day He gives us and ask Him to bless the next.

I hope y’all have a great start to your week and thank you for reading about my little world! See ya Wednesday!



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