life lately & a new fitness challenge

This past weekend was a whirlwind! My family and I celebrated my younger brother’s 18th birthday with a party at our house that included all of my extended family (21 people total) and then a day trip to the river to unwind and relax before school starts. Most of my fondest memories are from the experiences that I have with my family, they are truly the most wonderful people that I know. Regardless of what we’re doing, we always have a good time doing it.

I’m fortunate enough to have all of my mom’s immediate family living within 10 minutes from me. Any time it’s someone’s birthday or a holiday, we all gather together to celebrate with a delicious southern meal and tons of board games (and dominos!). Having grown up with several of my cousins and a set of grandparents nearby is something I will always treasure and be thankful for.

Living in Houston, it is extremely difficult to be outside during the summer for longer than 10 minutes. The heat and humidity can take your breath away the second you step outdoors, which is why we decided to drive up to New Braunfels to float down the Comal River. This river is roughly three hours west of where we live, so the weather is much more bearable and cool. We had a blast floating in our tubes down the winding river during the middle of the day. It was peaceful and the perfect way to send off summer for our family of four. There’s just something about being outdoors that purifies the soul.

Last Wednesday I challenged us all to have better posture! This challenge was so much more difficult to accomplish than last week’s water challenge. I kept aiming for the perfect posture all day, but was constantly falling short. I was rarely told to sit up straight when I was a child, so good posture doesn’t come naturally to me. I will say, I’m still working towards making this a habit. I’m not going to give up!! The moments I did remember to have good posture I felt SO confident! Walking or sitting with my shoulders back and my head up made me feel more sure of myself. My back would start to hurt for a while, so I imagine I’m using muscles I often neglect. I really hope you guys continue to perfect your posture because the pros outweigh the cons! If any of you have tips for this, please send them my way! Share your knowledge with me, I would greatly appreciate it.

My challenge for this next week is to walk 10,000 steps a day. This will seem like a lot, because it is! 10,000 steps is the recommended amount of steps to walk daily. So often our lives are sedentary and my Fitbit tells me I average in about 5,000 steps a day 😦 The amount of steps we take can easily be upped by taking the stairs, going for a run (or walk) around your neighborhood, or doing a workout video that focuses on cardio (Leslie Sansone, I love you). I bet with one week of reaching our 10,000 step goal we will begin to see positive changes!

Have a great Wednesday and get to walkin! 🙂



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