friday favorites

Happy Friday! I am so happy it’s almost the weekend. Something about reaching a Friday empowers me, I’ve gotten through the week all in one piece, and that’s something to be celebrated! Per usual, I’m linking up with one of my favorite bloggers, Andrea, to share with you my favorites of the week!


I have always been very fortunate to have fairly healthy skin. I seemed to slip through the cracks in middle and high school when everyone was breaking out left and right, and up until recently, my skin rarely had a pimple. I don’t know if I’m just a late bloomer, or the stress that comes with being in my early 20s has taken its toll, but lately my skin has had a strange combo of being oily and dry in different places. Y’all know I am a Merle Norman girl, so I went to my local store and the clerk recommended I try the Clear Complexion Gel Cleanser and the Clear Complexion Moisturizer .  Within one week I started noticing a big difference, my acne was not horrific, but it needed a cleanser and moisturizer that targeted it. I use the cleanser every morning and night and the moisturizer only in the morning as I prefer more of a heavier cream at night.


I absolutely LOVE Bath and Body Works all of the time, but especially during the FALL! I can’t help but rush the end of summer so that I can welcome the beginning of fall. In my world, September 1 marks the beginning of the season. I start wearing pumpkin scented lotions, lighting pumpkin scented candles, and counting down the days until the pumpkin patch is open for business. The fact that we’re less than one month away from my favorite season just warms my heart. I recently went into BBW to see their new fall candles that they have out and was not disappointed. I went ahead and bought myself the Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut candle. I thought it was a good scent to keep me content during that weird stretch between August and September. This candle smells so yummy and makes my house feel cozy!

 Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 12.22.57 AM.png


My boyfriend is my absolute FAVORITE person in this entire world. I love him like crazy. All week I have been devastated because we cancelled my August trip to Trenton in order to save money for a trip we’re planning to take in December. Chance knew I was having a really hard time coping with the fact that I wasn’t going to see him until the middle of September (if that early), so he surprised me with flowers and chocolate at work!!! I love how thoughtful he is and how he’s so good at loving me from so far away. As if the surprise at work wasn’t enough, yesterday he called me to tell me about a flight he booked so that I can come up and see him next week. The fact that I get to see him in a week absolutely takes the cake for my favorites of the week!!  Long distance is HARD, it takes effort from both sides to make the relationship work and be enjoyable. I feel so blessed to be in this with Chance.


Have a fantastic weekend! See you Monday.



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