So, last week I challenged myself and all of you guys to drink the recommended amount of water we should be consuming daily. I don’t know about you, but I really noticed a difference in the way I felt and looked throughout the week! I typically drink a cup of coffee in the morning and then water and hot tea the rest of the day, so this challenge wasn’t too difficult to complete, but it reminded me to be more conscious of the ounces of water I tend to neglect towards the end of the day.

I researched different methods people use to ensure that they’re drinking 64 oz of water a day and loosely based my challenge on their suggestions. As soon as I woke up and before every meal, I drank 8 oz of water, which added up to roughly 32 oz of water. Throughout the day, I carried around the 21 oz Hydroflask that Chance bought me last October and it made sipping on water so easy! The stainless steel component of the bottle made my water ice cold all day long, which is something I prefer. Between the refilling of my hydroflask and the glasses before meals and bedtime,  the water challenge was super convenient and easy.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 12.06.22 AM
The exact Hydroflask I have. 21oz in the color ‘Plum’.
Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 12.07.04 AM
Chance’s 34oz Hydroflask in ‘Forrest’.

Throughout the week, I noticed that I had more energy and was less snacky. If I found myself craving a snack, particularly an unhealthy one, I would drink a glass of water instead and 9 times out of 10, my hunger would subside. I also noticed that the bags under my eyes seemed to disappear. If I had known that was a side effect of staying hydrated, I would have taken before and after pictures to show you how drastic the difference was for me. I read up on this and found out that one of the major reasons that people have bags under their eyes is because they are dehydrated!

This challenge was not difficult, at all. It’s something that can be easily implemented into your daily routine, I hope you all continue to drink at least 64oz of water a day along side me! My upcoming challenge for this week is to have good posture.  I read up on the Upright Blog about the benefits of posture and I’m eager to welcome them into my life!

Have a great Wednesday! Remember: Health should be a lifestyle change, not a fad 🙂



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