visiting the big apple

Since Chance and I started dating, we have traveled all around the country whether it be for baseball or our personal vacations. Because the Yankee’s minor league teams are spread out along the east coast, we’ve had the opportunity to see different parts of the US we wouldn’t necessarily see otherwise.

Chance was recently promoted to Double-A, which is in Trenton, NJ. During my most recent visit to see him, we were able to take a day trip to New York City and I was sooo excited! Chance had been once before when he was younger, but it was my first time to go and we both were really looking forward to it. We rode a train in from the Trenton Transit Center to NY Penn Station and immediately started roaming the city as soon as the train pulled into the station.

Chance and I on the train!

Once I stepped out onto the street, my eyes tried to take in everything before me. Something about being in such a famous city gave me a rush of adrenaline. Hand in hand, Chance and I headed straight toward Times Square. I’ve seen a few movies that featured this place (specifically Spiderman in mind) and it felt so cool to be there. We sat down on the stands in the square and took it all in. I think Chance would say that for a while we were speechless, just admiring the people and buildings and the Square in general.

On the stands in the middle of TS.

After the pit stop in TS, we ventured over to the M&M World store nearby and bought ourselves a little bag of mini M&Ms (our favorite) and went on our way to Rockefeller Center.

Taking a breather in the M&M World

I religiously watch Good Morning America and the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, so walking from TS to RC was like a dream come true. On our way to RC, Chance and I stopped in NBC Studios to check out the building and browse the shop inside. We quickly learned to go into every store we were interested in seeing because it was so darn hot out. The sweet relief from the heat was welcomed with open arms.


Anyway, I was totally in awe of NBC studios and getting to see where a few of my favorite evening shows are filmed. Somewhere between TS and RC, we stumbled upon this little tunnel enveloped in a waterfall. It’s hidden from the street, so if you aren’t paying attention you might miss it! I’m sure the city is full of several hidden treasures and I can’t wait to go back and explore.


Not much further down the way was RC, where we stopped to take pictures and enjoy the view.



The whole time I was standing there, I kept thinking about the movie Elf, where Buddy and Jovie are ice skating. I really want to come back in the winter and ice skate in RC because, well, it’s what tourists do.

After we got our fill of Rockefeller Ceneter, we headed down 5th street toward Central Park. Right as we turned the corner, we saw St. Patricks Cathedral and were both blown away by how historically beautiful it was amongst all of the modern buildings. I did my research before coming to NYC and had learned about the history of the church, but didn’t know where exactly it was located, so I was pleasantly surprised to bump into it.

After having our peaceful moment in one of the nation’s oldest churches, we carried on with our journey. I did not realize that many, many high-end shops decorate 5th street, so it was a treat getting to walk by them all. My favorite part was stopping by Tiffany’s. I’m a huge Audrey Hepburn fan and I love Breakfast at Tiffany’s, so I felt starstruck by the building itself. Chance was kind enough to let me go in and wander for a while, *sigh*.

Once we finally got to the Park, we ordered smoothies from a street vendor and meandered along the winding paths. Not too far in, we decided to sit on a bench to people watch (looking at you, topless old lady sporting a guitar and thong) and rest our legs. IMG_4182

Realizing we hadn’t eaten since the morning, we looked up nearby restaurants to eat at and of course, Chance found a very nice one. Unless it’s a special occasion, I prefer to eat at casual restaurants, but Chance tries to find something unique in every city we visit for a new “experience”, so we had lunch at Petrossian, a french restaurant on West 58th St. It was absolutely delicious, if you’re in the city and want to treat yourself to a nice lunch or dinner, I would recommend this place!

Our dessert! Applewood ice cream covered in chocolate…heaven.

After our late lunch, we headed back to the station and caught the train home. We had a wonderfully fun and exciting trip and can’t wait to one day, hopefully, watch Chance play baseball in Yankee Stadium. Fingers crossed!




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