healthy living

I am by no means a fitness guru. I have several things I need to work on about my health and am never one to look forward to a workout, however, I am a big fan of feeling good about myself and making necessary changes to increase my chance of having a long, happy life. Whenever I need some motivation, I go to Pinterest and instead of looking at pictures of models (which I think does more harm than good), I look up simple changes I can make to promote a healthier lifestyle.

I’m going to strive to incorporate a new, healthy habit once a week and tell you how it benefitted my life. Please feel free to give me some advice on things you’ve done to promote healthy living. Join me this week as I challenge myself to drink the right amount of water for my body every day! To find out this amount, take your weight, divide it by 2, then divide that number by 8 and it will give you the total amount of glasses you should be drinking daily. I’ve gathered from research that drinking enough water each day helps overall organ function as well as increase weight loss, which sounds a lot easier than hitting the treadmill to me. 😉

Bottoms up, girls!



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